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Distributed Computing Technology & Applications

The DCT&A Research Project
(Distributed Computing Technology & Applications)

This programme was completed in 2007.

Programme Summary: The ongoing development of the World Wide Web reveals a shift in emphasis from individual computers to computing societies made up of distributed interactive computing systems. These computing societies (whose individual components can comprise not only computers, but also humans, and computer-controlled robots) will interact with and respond to events in the real-world. The DCT&A research programme is developing software agent technology that can help organisations realise the potential of these systems by developing improved agent-based development tools, supporting component services, and the demonstration of applications in the area of integrated access to distributed knowledge sources. In particular, the team is continuing the development and enhancement of the Opal agent platform, which provides underlying infrastructural support for open agent communication. The Opal platform is being enhanced by additional components that support ontology information exchange, the dynamic exchange of interaction protocols, the use of agents in mobile, wireless computing contexts, and the use of agent technology in open environments for peer-to-peer and grid applications.

Programme Leader: Professor Martin Purvis

Objective 1: Distributed Systems Technology

Objective 2: Distributed Computing Architectures

For information about available software developed under this project, please go here.